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LSDJ 512kByte Flash Cartridge for Game Boy (Green Color)

SKU 1003
Cartridge Specs:
Type: mbc1 + flash + ram + battery 
Flash: 512 kBytes
Ram: 32 kBytes
Cartridge color: Green
LSDJ compatibility: up to version 2.6.3
Flasher/Reader compatibility: GB Cart Flasher and GB Xchanger V1 (bung)
LSDJ sticker included for FREE!
Important note: Cartridge is sold blank, but I can offer the service of flashing the ROM to a cartridge once proof of user licence is shown. (service without extra cost)

Essentially LSDJ requires that you donate to Johan Kotlinski at

For a voluntary donation you can obtain a licence, which gives you access to program roms. Upon donating you will receive a confirmation mail with login/password to the LSDJ ftp site. Once you've got your login details you may add them in the "Please enter your LSDJ Licence purchase proof" box at checkout. I will check these credentials, and if they check out I will flash LSDJ to the cart for you.

If you need extra help please ask. Additionally, if you cannot use paypal to donate please contact Johan Kotlinski, at for alternative methods.

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    Please enter your LSDJ Licence purchase proof. 
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