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64Kbit NVRAM Upgrade Module kit for SNES Cartridges - NO MORE DEAD BATTERIES!!

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At it's peak, Game cartridges used RAM and a backup battery to save game advances and player profiles. Over time those batteries tend to run out and leak hazardous materials that may cause personal injuries, data loss and permanent damage to the cartridge. 

This upgrade solves all those problems by replacing the original RAM for a Non Volatile Memory that doesn't requires a battery back-up!



1. Open the cartridge, you may need a  3.8mm security bit. (not included)

2. Remove the battery and dispose it according to your local regulations.

3. Identify and remove the original RAM. This module works only on titles equipped with 64kbit SRAM. If you can’t identify the ram chip or memory size, see additional notes.

4. Install the new Non-Volatile Memory (NVRAM) module, it is a direct replacement, check the right  chip position for pin number 1. Use a sharp soldering iron for better results.

5. Close the cartridge and enjoy, you'll never need a backup battery again!




+ How to identify a RAM chip on a SNES cartridge:  it is a 28 pin DIP package chip, usually marked as "64k SRAM"  on the PCB board. 


+ How to Identify memory size: games equipped with battery back-up may have different ram chips, this module works only on titles equipped with 64kbit ones. Because in some boards it is labeled only as “SRAM”, you must read the label on top of the chip, it must have a 4 digit code ending with 64, 65 or 68 (XX64, XX65 or XX68). Ignore other characters, they only indicates manufacturer and date codes. The following are Known chips used by Nintendo: 2465, 4464, 5164, 5268, 6264 and 6265

+ Compatible with 64kbit-ram SNES and SFC game cartridges, all regions.

+ Game cartridge not included.



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